Winter hair and how to help it

Hello! Welcome back.

March welcomes my “care for yourself” month and I am here to share my top tips for looking after you.

Previously I wrote a post about caring for your skin, (you can read it here) especially during these winter months. Looking after your skin is top priority but you also can’t forget about your hair.

Recently I have been caring for my hair a lot more, treating myself to hair masks, more regular haircuts and less abrasive heat treatments such as blow drying and straightening.

Winter brings all sorts of weather with it, and the numerous factors that can turn your hair from smooth to frizzy, healthy to damaged. So, I’m here to help you understand how cold weather affects your hair and what you can do to keep your luscious locks looking and feeling great.


Hair loss

It’s often thought that you naturally lose more hair in winter than in any other season of the year, but did you know this isn’t always a direct result of the colder temperatures. Our bodies are made to produce more melatonin which helps regulate the hair growth in winter and in theory reduce the amount of hair you shed. So, what is the reason behind this? Winter weather is harsh and indoor heating is drying, both of these can irritate and dry out your scalp making it prone dehydration and brittle hair. Another factor adding to your hair loss is hats. Hats cause stress and friction on your strands of hair and when you are pulling your hat on and off you are pulling out hairs every time. Unfortunately, not wearing a hat is not always an option when it is bitter cold outside- so perhaps try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf first before pulling on your hat to prevent damage.


Hair Fixes

Not everything you buy needs to be expensive or top of the range. Sometimes looking in your cupboards at home and provide a remedy when you most need it.

Homemade Hair Masks

Hair masks are a great way to retain moisture in your hair and help rehydrate your scalp. A simple at home recipe can work wonders if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Honey and Almond

Honey is known for its humectant nature and will help put moisture back into your hair and keep it there. Simply mix ½ cup honey (approx. 120ml) with one tablespoon of almond oil and massage it into clean, damp hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave on for 20 mins. Once time us up, wash your hair as normal and voila! Lovely soft hair.

Lemon and Vinegar

I don’t know about you, but my hair lacks serious shine during the winter months. I find myself waiting for summer to come by to see an improvement in my hair. But if like me you can’t wait until then try this home remedy.

Mix a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice with a tablespoon of white vinegar into your shampoo. For this I tend to buy a cheaper shampoo, so I don’t mess around with my more expensive one and I can easily distinguish between my normal shampoo and the mixed one. Wash your hair as normal using this shampoo at least once a week and you will soon see a difference.

Over the counter

Deep conditioner

During the winter months, it’s a great idea to treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment. Not only does it replenish the moisture lost from your hair, it also helps to strengthen it and keep it looking smooth and sleek.

My go-to deep conditioner is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Treatment. You can find it in most high street shops and pharmacies.

Hair oil

Recently I discovered the all-natural, Forest and Shore Hallelujah Hair Oil. I received my hair oil as a gift from Forest and Shore to try out and I can honestly say it did not disappoint*.

The hair oil is known for its four main properties:

1) Moisturising – this coconut, sesame and olive blend penetrates deep into the hair shaft working to efficiently hydrate dry hair

2) Repairing – working from the inside out to heal any damaged broken hair

3) Stimulates hair growth – coconut and sesame work together to lock in proteins to encourage hair growth

4) Smoothing – nourishing your hair with organic oils will restore the shine and promote silky hair

The hallelujah hair oil is 100% natural & organic -soil association certified organic. Made with the highest quality ingredients in England


Wash less

Sounds gross, but your hair will thank you for it. I try to wash my hair a maximum of three times per week, it took patience and time to get to this stage, but I have seen such a difference in my hair since reducing my washes.

Another tip is to always dry your hair before leaving the house. Not only because you will get the cold, but the moisture in your hair combined with the cold air will add further damage to your hair. Making it more brittle and dry- the two things we have been trying to prevent.

When you do dry your hair, make sure to use a good heat protecting spray and keep your hair dryer on a low heat and low speed. The less heat you put on your hair, the more your hair will stay frizz free and sleek. Brushing your hair is also a big no, no when its wet. Gently comb your hair with a wide tooth comb before drying. Then whilst drying use a brush to gently style your hair, trying not to over brush your roots- pulling natural oil down your hair and reducing the time between washes.


Trim more

As nice as it would be to visit the hair salon more, sometimes this isn’t always cost-effective. Making time to visit the hairdresser during the winter months will help keep your hair in good shape. You don’t need to have the full works every time, just a small trim off the ends every 6-8 weeks will help reduce the chance of dry, split ends.


So here brings me to the end of my post, I hope you have enjoyed it. Don’t forget to take some time out of your busy schedule to make time for you. Put your feet up, relax and treat yourself to a hair mask or two


Until next time

Ashleigh x


*This is not a sponsored post, I am not receiving any commission on bottles sold. I am just so impressed with this product I needed to share it with you.

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