Packing essentials for travelling to New York

In August myself and my Husband took to the streets of Manhattan, explored Brooklyn, drunk cocktails in Time Square and gazed in awe at the New York City skyline.

The travel

Due to the nature of my job, travelling has become second nature to me and boarding a plane for 8+ hours is not a daunting experience anymore, however the same cannot be said for my Husband.

If you aren’t used to travelling long distance for a lengthy period of time, over thinking and worrying about what you can do to keep you entertained on the journey can send you loopy- but do not fear as actually you don’t need that much. Especially travelling economy, you don’t actually get that much room to yourself, so packing light for the flight is a must.

Essential items for your hand luggage


The Case

To make life easy roaming around the airport, I would advise a lightweight case on wheels that has lots of little pockets on the front and easy to unzip when it comes to security and big enough to fit your handbag in for when you board the plane (if you aren’t lucky enough to be allowed two pieces of hand carry). My go-to case is a little 2 wheeler I picked up from a shop in Bluewater, it is lightweight and easy carry around. I especially like my case as it has 2 front pockets for those items you may need at a drop of hat or you need to get out when you board the plane, perfect for quickly grabbing the items without holding up the queue, and its big enough to put my laptop, iPad and travel clothes in without making it too bulky.

My case is made by the brand IT who are known for their lightweight luggage- go check them out, they have some great designs as well as practical cases,

Also, you can’t forget to label your luggage! I love my Aspinals luggage tags and my favourite Minnie Mouse by the artist Britto.

I love Cath Kidston’s range of luggage tags, especially the Cath Kidston X Disney editions

The document holder

I have and always will be an advocate of the passport/ticket wallet. Since I can remember my family have always had one, and I can remember it changing and growing with the more people we had travelling with us. My mum was always the lead traveller when it came to going on holidays, ensuring all passports wherein date, all boarding passes had been printed and any travel documents were in order and secure. So no surprise then that I too have taken on this role and invested in a travel wallet of my own.

My husband kindly bought me my wallet when I first started working for GHI, it’s great as it has room for all my cards I take away with me, room for my passport and boarding passes, a pen holder and a coin purse. The wallet is even large enough for when we both travel as you can slot another passport in behind the tickets but it does mean it won’t close properly, but that’s not a problem when you really only use it at the airport.

The wallet I own is from accessorize, but there are many out there. Here are some examples I love,

travel wallets


The Toiletries

If I was told I would only be allowed to travel with one thing- hands down I would choose my see-through toiletry bag, in my opinion, this is the must-have travel accessory. There’s nothing worse than flying for a long period of time, having a sleep and waking up with bad breath, gross skin and scarecrow hair.

I picked up this little bag from boots for £3-5 (it was a little while ago and I think they have discontinued the product). This little bag is the best thing I have purchased for travelling, you can get so much in it!

I like to travel with the little 100ml clear bottles as you can put your toner, cleanser, face cream- anything really- in them. Great for removing your makeup on the plane and refreshing yourself when you land.

Over the years I have collected these little bottles, but I found this one online which has all the essential ones as part of the pack.

I also like to travel with a small toothpaste and toothbrush, I have a foldable toothbrush from boots (see a theme occurring? Its normally when I get to the airport and realise I’ve forgotten something so a quick pop into boots normally does the job!)

If you’re like me and couldn’t imagine getting to your destination to discover your makeup collection is lost somewhere in the world you are not- this little bag is perfect for ensuring you always have your makeup with you. Now going through security it is only your liquids you need to place in here, so mascara, foundation and lip-gloss can all be safe in here while the rest of my makeup bag can stay locked away in my hand carry case.


The Extras

So these are the items that just make your journey a little more comfortable

  1. Travel pillow- to ensure your neck is supported when you’re catching those z’s
  2. Travel socks- making sure those feet of yours don’t swell like balloon so you are unable to put your shoes back on
  3. Eye mask and ear plugs- ensuring no light or noise will keep you from getting some vital sleep
  4. IPad/kindle/activity book- for those hours that watching another movie just won’t cut it. I always like to travel with a few good books, a new game or two to keep my brain active and not forgetting the trusty puzzle books to keep you sane.
  5. A soft jumper/hoodie- planes can be cold and no matter how well you wrap yourself up in a blanket you will still be cold. So wrap up in a nice soft hoody to ensure you don’t freeze under the AC.


The Suitcase


If you have been to NYC before it’s not what you would call a “relaxing” holiday. With so much to see and do you need to make sure you have comfy shoes with you. When we go next week the temperatures will be in the high 20’s degrees C, so therefore comfy, light footwear is a must.

Due to my feet being so thin it is impossible for me to wear Toms, Vans or any other slip-on shoes without it falling back off again, so I must opt for lace-ups or sandals. For this trip, I am packing 3 “day” shoes and 2 “evening” shoes.


I love buying items for holidays, normally the items you couldn’t use on an everyday visit to work, so the more colourful or sparkly the better. As we will be exploring a lot during our time in NYC I need a bag that can hold a lot of stuff. I’m absolutely in love with my sparkly Mikey Mouse bag from Primark. It’s totally right up my street, its small enough that I can easily pack it away in my case but deep enough to hold my water bottles, purse, phone, suncream, camera, power pack and go pro.


Head over to my Instagram to check out all my post from my trip.

Ashleigh x


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