My secret weapon- Joan Collins Compact

Hello and welcome back! Boy am I glad it’s December.

Recently my personal life has been on hold due to my work commitments, but as of 1st December, I am free and excited to blog and do all things festive.

Timeless Beauty, Compact Duo

A little while ago now I received a lovely package from the ladies over at Alex Silver PR containing the brilliant Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo.

compact duo

Inside the box

As I mentioned in previous posts, you will know I suffer from excessively oily skin, so as you can imagine I was very excited to try out this product.

I always find myself touching up my makeup during the day. No matter how matte my foundation is or how much primer, setting powder or setting spray I use it never stays put. So having a compact to hand no matter where I go is always a good thing.

Duo compact

Inside the box, I found a perfectly sized golden compact, able to fit into any handbag. I love the look and feel of this compact, it’s so stylish and easy to use, it definitely is a winner in my books.


This first product inside the compact is the velvety smooth powder, perfect for those little touch-ups throughout the day. The colour is also a perfect match for my foundation, blending nicely it helps to hide the oily patches and create the matte look I dream off.

The second product is the creamy lipstick

compact duo

If you are like me, you never know when you may need to add a splash of colour to your lips. This lipstick is so creamy, it is a dream to apply. This lipstick is also great to apply when your lips are feeling a little dry. I find now especially in the winter my lips are even drier. So having this lipstick with me everywhere I go is a perfect substitute when I can’t reach my balm.

Where to buy?

This compact is perfect as a stocking filler for women of any age and the great part is, it only costs £16! You can find the full range of Joan Collins Timeless Beauty online at

Marks and Spencers


Joan Collins- Timeless Beauty

Until next time

Ashleigh x

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