Save, Splash & Sun – How To Travel Without Spending The Earth

Travelling is an amazing experience. Whether you’re simply going on vacation or you’re spending that little bit more time on the road, it can eventually begin to wear down the funds that you have saved if you’re not careful. However, travelling doesn’t have to cost the earth, and here are some tips on how you can travel without spending all of your life savings, yet still have a fabulous time and bring back stories to tell.


Work out whether all inclusive is worth it

You may think that booking an all inclusive hotel is going to be better for your money, but this might not always be the case. Sure the convenience of not having to worry about cooking is great, and knowing that you’ve got a meal waiting for you is a worry off your mind but it might actually be costing you more to go all inclusive. Before booking, check out the cost of living in the area as you might find that self catering works out cheaper than all inclusive, even with the cost of your food for the week! Save yourself some money and do the research beforehand!

Book yourself an apartment rather than a holiday hotel

Holiday hotels are set out to do one thing: make money. So sometimes it works out cheaper to rent out an apartment in the area that you want to visit rather than a holiday hotel. Apartments that people may live in for a certain percentage of the year are often cheap to rent out and have more than everything you need for an amazing time away. Check out these apartments to rent in Marbella and see for yourself the luxury that you could be getting!

Visit places that are naturally beautiful

One of the reasons for travelling to rack up large bills is because you’re constantly looking for things to do to ensure that the experience is worth it, and that’s understandable. However, if you’re trying to save money or are travelling on a small budget, there’s one simple solution that you could try. Rather than booking expensive days out, simply visit places that are naturally beautiful so that you don’t have to spend any money to get the full experience. Things like the northern lights and the islands of Greece are both great examples of places where you’ll be in awe of it’s natural beauty and might not feel the need to spend a penny!

Travel in alternative ways

Flights here, there, and everywhere can soon mount up and become expensive. While it’s one of the more desirable ways of travelling because of its convenience and speed, it’s also one of the most expensive ways too. Find alternative ways of travelling to your destination like by coach, train, or even by boat. You will find that even though the journey is longer, you’re seeing more destinations than you bargained for and you’re saving yourself a decent amount of money in the process. Consider changing up your mode of travel to save yourself some money next time you travel!


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