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Calling all bloggers from the South-East of England, Kent, this is for you! 


I don’t know about you, but there really is no support around these parts for us bloggers. Since starting my blog in January of this year, I’ve always had to travel to blogger events in London and I always feel I’m missing out.

I also follow quite a lot of Northern Irish bloggers (my homeland) and their Instagram feeds and blog posts make me so jealous! Why can’t Kent host blogger events? Why do we always have to travel to London to feel involved? Surely with Bluewater on our doorstep, we should be attending more local events, with companies showcasing their products and local farmers letting us taste their produce?

With so many questions unanswered, I’ve decided to do something about this, using my skills as an events manager, and my contacts through my blog, I bring to you


KentBloggers_uk is a place for us Kentish Bloggers to share our posts, talk about latest trends and meet up to inspire and share ideas. My hope and dream for Kentbloggers_uk is to, one day, have companies on board, so we can help promote their products and expand our knowledge of what’s on the market for each unique lifestyle.


So I hope you will join me in making my idea become real life. I look forward to hopefully meeting with you one day


Ashleigh x

3 thoughts on “Supporting local bloggers

  1. Hi Ashley,

    Great idea!

    I Hope to join forces with you in organising events for Kent bloggers, would love to chat further.

    I live in Canterbury-yourself?

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