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Today I bring you a blog post featuring my top savvy fashion tips for the festive season! Who doesn’t love a bargain, particularly at this expensive time of year, am I right?!

So if it’s a dress for your work Xmas party, a winter wedding or even some New Year’s Eve outfit inspo then keep reading….


The Christmas Party Dress

There is nothing I love more than a good bargain particularly with clothing which is why the high street and online are such great places to shop. With party dresses, in particular, the likelihood is you are only going to wear them once, or a handful of times at the most so why not get something that’s not going to break the bank?

With a Christmas party dress I tend to go for sparkle but if that’s not your style then you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. The beauty of this is it can be worn time and time again without being obvious and it can be styled up or down with accessories which can change the entire look of the outfit (a great tip if you want to re-wear an old classic from your wardrobe!) With the sparkly dress option there is little need for accessories as the dress makes the statement all on its own! Winning!


If going for a plain outfit then why not let your shoes and/or bag do the talking. Places like Primark and even Asda do really affordable bags and shoes. My favourite going out shoes tend to come from New Look as it happens. I find they last well, are very comfortable (they do a lot of ‘wide fit’) and are usually very well priced too!

When the dress is the statement piece then plain shoes are key which means you can get a lot of wear from your old faithful night out shoes! I can’t be the only one with a fav black pair of heels which I always reach for?!


Jeans and a nice top?

Not so keen on a dress? Then there is nothing wrong with a pair of black skinnies and a jazzy top (at least you will be warm!). The beauty of this is you probably already own the jeans and so half the battle is already won! If you don’t have the top then all the high street stores will be full of them come the festive season so it’s just a matter of picking one! Again, New Look do a really nice range of tops and I have found H&M and Stradivarius to be two other really affordable yet on-trend high street options. Don’t forget to check out F+F clothing at Tesco when doing the big Xmas food shop as they have some REALLY nice dressy tops around this time of year too.

If it’s a New Year’s Eve house party you are heading too then jeans are my preferred option. They will look dressy but at the same time, you will be comfortable sitting around someone’s house all evening!

Stay warm…

Don’t forget your coat on those cold winter nights! A plain black coat will see you through multiple winters and will go perfectly over any Xmas outfit. You can add broaches and scarves to revitalise it year in and year out.

Make sure to have fun!

Whatever you are getting up to this time of year and whatever you settle on for an outfit, make sure you have fun! There is no better time to push yourself out of your comfort zone and wear something a bit more daring! But remember, raid your wardrobe before you begin to plan as you probably have the bones of an outfit already there. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to look good!

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