Blogging from my sun lounger

When I started blogging I didn’t fully understand the time in which I would need to spend researching and writing my posts. I have lots of ideas about what to write but finding the time to do so is becoming more and more difficult.


Finding the time

For those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I have recently been to Singapore with work to host our 10th Asian conference in the iconic Marina bay sands hotel. However what I didn’t expect was not being able to upload a blog post while out there. This conference was different from others I’ve been on, I just didn’t have the time to chill as I was out exploring every night walking around China town to climbing the supertrees.


Making excuses

Once I returned home to the UK I had to frantically unpack, wash, dry and iron my clothes to then re-pack my suitcase for my holiday to Cyprus with my other half. I don’t know if many of you have tried this but battling jetlag and trying to sort out a week’s worth of clothing is a hard task so my plan for uploading my Singapore blog was swiftly pushed to one side and left behind.

As I mentioned before trying to blog whilst travelling is hard work, so hats off to those seasoned travel bloggers- how do you find the time? So this is where my blog title comes in because at this very moment I am sitting on my sun lounger with cocktail in hand, writing this post


Busy blogger life

I would consider myself to be lucky and well travelled, jetting off to all corners of the world with work and enjoying some downtime with my husband on the beach in Paphos. When I started my blog this is one of the main reasons why to share my experiences with you and to keep track of all that I have got up to. But I never imagined how hard to would be to try and fit in the time to actually write about these. It’s so much easier when I’m at home with the dog, watching TV waiting for tom to get home.


Writing this post has really made me think if I’m up to the task of blogging if I can’t even find 10 minutes to update my website, but then again I don’t want to be posting for the sake of it, I want my readers to come again, excited about what I have to share with you.

We just booked our first excursion here on Friday- a jeep tour of the island which should be good fun. I’m not one for lying beside the pool all day every day so I enjoy being able to get out and about. It’s was also good to learn that we can actually walk to the harbour and catch a bus to the coral bay which I hear is very beautiful. I promise to update you all when I return with my video footage and photographs.

But as for now, I must go not because I don’t have a lot to say but because I have a cocktail in hand and the sun is shining down on me.

Ashleigh x

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