Stay cosy this Christmas

If you are anything like me, you love cold weather- sounds strange right? But seriously I love the icy cold weather winter brings, waking up with frosty gardens and crispy leaves.

Another reason why I love the cold weather is the fashion it brings along- all those big knits, cosy scarfs and woolly hats. I also try to buy high-quality winter items so they will last year on year, but I do also love the new fashion ideas that come about every year. So keeping with the theme, below is my 2017 list of must-have cosy winter clothes to keep everything from the top of your head to the tips of your toes warm.

The Jumpers

I love a jumper. What’s not to love? Recently I have started wearing jumpers over shirts, perfect for a casual look, especially in work when you just don’t know if the office will be sub-tropic or Antarctic.

My favourite jumper look at the moment is the classic cable knit. I love the look this style has, adding texture to the jumper. It’s just perfect!

Keeping your head and hands warm

“Keep your hat on, you’re letting all the warm air escape!” As told by many Grannies to their Grandkids.

26 years later I love wearing my hat. I have so many different ones, there just isn’t enough days in the year to wear them.

Hats can really make an outfit, especially when you are wandering around the Christmas Markets- it is your statement piece. Matched with a warm, thick scarf and cosy gloves you really can’t go wrong.

Recently I invested in a pair of touch sensitive gloves- gloves that you can use with your iPhone. These are a must-have winter item, especially now the mornings are -2 degrees.


Who doesn’t love a pair of boots? I have so many, I think I’m addicted to buying them. I’m a firm believer in the three staple boot- the little black pair, the knee boot and the coloured suede pair. Without a doubt, if you have these three pairs in your wardrobe you will always find a pair to go with any outfit.

Leggings and Slippers

Last, but by no means least. And probably my most favourite cosy item, slippers! Matched with a warm pair of leggings, cold winter nights are sorted. My preferred slipper style is the Monster Snuggle slippers, I find the boots too warm and the pumps just not warm enough. Kind of like the Goldilocks and her porridge!

I love winter and the fashion it brings. I love being able to dress up all snuggly, beating Jack Frost and staying warm.

All of the items above can be found on my must-have list with links to purchase the items.

Stay warm!

Ashleigh x

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