Taking Your Blog From Hobby To Career Move

Your blog will be a place where you enjoy spending time; it’s a chance to share what you’re passionate about and be creative with your content. You’ll also, probably head to other bloggers for advice and information on things you’re not familiar with, are interested to see, read, and hear more on. Did you also know that many of the blogs, bloggers, and websites you follow, will be making their income from what they create and put out online? Blogging has become big business, and if someone can strike a great balance between staying true to who they are and what they provide their readers, and making savvy moves regarding paid posts and advertising; there’s an income to earn.

Most bloggers started in the same way that you did; it was a passion and a hobby to enjoy in their free time. Therefore, there’s no reason that you can’t begin the transition, and begin earning money from what you love to do. Don’t go quitting your day job tomorrow; you’ll need to build your blog and brand steadily first. It might be that you continue to work, and just want to earn a little back from the time you put into your blog. Or, perhaps you’re thinking about your future prospects, and want to plan for a flexible and fulfilling life on your laptop ahead. Whatever your blogging plans are, there’s no time like the present to begin preparing for a fun and ever-evolving future, and the following might just help.

Take The Professional Approach

The great thing about working for yourself is that you can choose your hours, make all the executive decisions regarding what you put online, and you can enjoy you can pick your favourite environment to work from. However, you’ll be your own boss, and will need the motivation and skills to deal with all your admin, communication, and fixing things when they go awry. Therefore, it’s worth topping up your digital skills so that you don’t have to invest in others to do specific work for you.

Creating an appealing, welcoming, and most importantly; functioning website can be a challenge. It’s worth investing in frequent Adobe Dreamweaver classes so that you can build your ideal online environment, update it, and ensure that everything runs smoothly without the help of anyone else. Other Adobe course could assist you in branding and graphic design so that you can stand out from other bloggers in your field. A proactive and trained approach to your new direction is the best way to progress.

Monthly Plans And Schedules

It’s worth working out how many hours you’ll have each day, week, and month, to put into creating your content, especially if you’re still in full or part-time employment in the beginning stages. By sticking to a schedule; you’ll be able to create consistency in your work, and your blog’s DA will rise. It’s important that your statistics shine as these are what will attract businesses and brands to want to work with you. Therefore, make sure that you keep up the pace, and post regularly. Utilise any free time you have to write and schedule as many posts as you can so that when life gets busy (and it always does); your blog and website won’t suffer.

Blogging will always be a hobby, something you enjoy. So what better way to earn extra money and create a fantastic personal brand. 

Ashleigh x

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