2017, the year that outlined my career

2017, the year that outlined my career.

My Career path

As like many of you I was asked to decide my career path at the young age of 16. To choose subjects in school that will, inevitably choose the career path you go down and shape your future.

I got lucky

From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in the event industry. I remember speaking with one of my Mum’s close friends about her job and thinking to myself how amazing it sounded. I set to work researching what I needed to do to qualify for a job in the industry I got pl to planning my objectives.

1) The subjects I need to study for A-level? 

2) How to gain the experience I need to help me progress?

3) What universities offer the course?


Hunterhouse College played an important role in helping me achieve my goals. Offering the opportunity to participate in the “work experience” scheme really helped me. Next step was to find a company that would host me for the week.

Work experience

At Marrow Communications I got a hands-on experience with the events. Attending site visits, learning about tender processes and stuffing delegate packs. As the week passed by I knew event management is what I wanted to do and nothing was going to stop me.


The time came to pick my A-levels. Not being the most academic of people, I picked the subjects I knew I could do well in and funny enough these where the subjects I need to get into university- applied business studies, theatre studies and geography. 2 years passed in a flash and the dreaded university acceptance email pinged up on my screen- I GOT IN! September 2009 I moved to Coleraine to attend the University of Ulster to study Leisure and Events Management.


University was amazing. It provided me with so many new experiences and opportunities. It was through university I had the opportunity to live in America for a year. To experience a different way of life and work. I truly believe if it wasn’t for me working and living in America I wouldn’t have the knowledge and confidence I do today.

My career

It took me a long time after leaving university (2 years to be precise) to find out what I truly wanted to do with my career. I worked in venues as an events coordinator helping to organise weddings, corporate events and celebrations. However I could feel myself loosing track of my career path and lacking in passion for my job. That is when I knew I had to find a new job. Next I tried my hand at event sales working for a large uk based company. Whilst I enjoyed my time working here, I wasn’t very passionate about sales and didn’t have the drive it took to succeed and pursue this as a career. After feeling uninspired by my job I updated my LinkedIn profile. Within 2 weeks of doing so I was head hunted for my now job and starting a job which I have grew to love.

Throughout my time at my current company I have developed as a person, using my creative skills to improve the quality of our events. I love piecing marketing campaigns together, creating adverts for magazines and creating visual graphics for our events. I also love the various aspects of my job, no 2 days are the same, as no 2 conferences are a like.

Over the past year I have really pushed myself hard with the marketing and creative content of our events which has helped me realise this is what I want to do, this is the path my career must take and I will ensure to do everything I can to progress and become a successful business woman.

To wrap up

I can’t say I was the must motivated student growing up, but I always played to my strengths. My advise to anyone would be to take your passions and run with them. Don’t let anyone tell you no and prove to those who tell you no that you can do it. That you are the best person for the job and that you can and will go above and beyond to be the best. In the end, when you give it your all someone will notice and you will be rewarded.

Ashleigh x

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  1. Very inspiring and motivating. Your passion for life really shines through. This is a reality check for all those who choose to “settle”. Nicely done!

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